Petersfield Post 2014

Petersfield Post


Statement of Work

My work attempts to capture the spirit of place and passing of time. The landscape is a document portraying perceptions of self, our sense of identity projecting onto our environment. We transform the topographical to reflect forces of change within our community, whether for ritual, social, political or economic reasons.

But special places can also reflect continuity within our lives through continued reuse and renegotiation of that space. The importance of place (sometimes difficult to understand in the abstract but easy to appreciate when you are there on holiday for example) needs continual exploration through personal or communal interpretation, a continuing search for the traces and echoes we all leave behind. This is an essential part of what it is to be human within the landscape – we observe and are part of this continuity. So even an empty landscape or building is inevitably informed by our perception of the life stories and people that have lived, loved and died there.


Biographical information

Jacqueline graduated from Winchester School of Art Southampton University in 2008 having studied both painting and broader based contemporary art. She also has degrees in English History and Landscape Archaeology and a Master of Arts in Archaeology and Heritage. It is this combination of visual and historical understanding of landscape that gives her work a deep resonance in the sense of place and time.